Other Vancouver Food Networks

SVFN is an active member of the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network Working Group. http://vancouverfoodnetworks.com/

The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network Working Group was established in 2010 and consists of staff and volunteer coordinators and representatives from the city’s Neighbourhood Food Networks (NFNs).

The networks of the working group include:

Neighbourhood Food Networks

Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks are coalitions of citizens, organizations and agencies.

Neighbourhood food networks support a right-to-food philosophy.

In doing so, they work to promote health, wellness, and positive change for communities and the environment.

What neighbourhood food networks do

Neighbourhood food networks work collaboratively in and across Vancouver neighbourhoods to address food system issues. Their goal is to improve access for everyone to healthy, affordable, and nutritious food.

Each network is involved in a variety of food initiatives that respond to the particular needs and interests within each neighbourhood and community. Food networks provide:

  • Food skills building
  • Education and awareness
  • Engagement opportunities

The City of Vancouver identifies neighbourhood food networks as a priority area in the Vancouver Food Strategy, and has supported them through grant funding and other supports.

To find out more about neighbourhood food networks’ activities and projects, download the Harvesting Food Security report.

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