About SVFN

The South Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Network (SVFN) is an active collaboration of community members, agencies, service providers, and organizations working together to enhance health and well-being in our neighbourhoods through the medium of food. We do so by supporting and coordinating local food security initiatives and improving access to community health, social services, and community-based programs. We are based out of the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House (SVNH) and are one of the active Neighbourhood Food Networks that exist across Vancouver. Together, we are working toward creating a more sustainable and just food system in the city. 

Want to get involved? We are always looking for new partners, volunteers, and friends in food advocacy.

For contact, updates, and more information:
Instagram: SVNH_Food
E-mail: laura.gair@southvan.org

Members of the South Vancouver Food Network:

Good Food Organizations

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House is proud to be working in alliance with Community Food Centres Canada and Good Food Organizations across the country to build a more fair and healthy food system.

SVNH and the SVFN aim to to increase food security through the offering of healthy and dignified community food programs. With support from the Good Food Organization program, we are working to incorporate the five Good Food Principles in all of our food programming:

  1. Taking action from the individual to the systemic (through food access, food skills, and civic engagement programs)
  2. Believing and investing in the power of good food
  3. Creating an environment of respect and community leadership
  4. Meeting people where they’re at
  5. Aiming high for our organizations and our community

For more details on the Good Food Principles, please visit: http://thepod.cfccanada.ca/blog/good-food-principles-our-guiding-document-community-food-programming


SVFN Blog Author

Hi there! My name is Laura, and I am the author of the SVFN blog page.  I joined the SVFN in 2016 as the SVNH Community Food Programmer.  In 2020 my SVNH role has evolved to include coordinating Seniors programs, but I still remain with the SVFN and deeply involved with our food programs.  I love food – talking about it, learning new recipes and techniques from program participants, and of course, eating!  My background is in International Nutrition from UBC, and I enjoy the important overlay of food and culture as a way to bring people together.  When I’m not around food, you will find me playing with my toddler, cycling around the city, stretching out in yoga, or boarding the local mountains.