Welfare Food Challenge Day 4

Half way day!

It’s 8:00pm and I’m still at work, so I think when I get home my dinner will be a quick mix up of my available food in some kind of bland stir fry.  Not really excited about it.  But definitely feeling hungry!

This morning I was light headed again – about 1-2 hours after breakfast my body really misses that caffeine wake up call.

I spent my final amount today, which I’m excited to include in my cooking tomorrow to change things up a bit – frozen spinach and one apple 🙂  Yes, ONE apple.  I’m going to treat myself with half tomorrow and half Friday.  I’m REALLY excited for that apple…


Yes… This is going to be like candy after all the rice & bean meals

I’m definitely not getting enough calories this week, and I’ve already lost weight.  I’ve been tracking my nutrient intake on eatTracker, the results of which I will share on the final day.  I planned my entire week based on ensuring I would get as many vitamins, minerals and protein as possible, but it’s just not enough.  And the decrease in my appetite means that I’m not getting enough calories in, even though I do have enough rice & beans to bridge that gap if I could stomach it.


For more information on Raise the Rates and the Welfare Food Challenge please visit http://www.welfarefoodchallenge.org



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