Welfare Food Challenge Day 3

I got home today around 6pm but wasn’t feeling really hungry, even though I ate my lunch around 1:30. Maybe my appetite is shrink already from repetitiveness.  Whatever the cause, I didn’t immediately start making dinner.  And then I realized… I had gone through all the beans I had pre-cooked on Sunday and had to boil them!  If you’ve cooked dried beans before, then you know this is an hour process.  Thankfully I had some soaked or I would’ve been out of luck on my protein.  But add an hour boiling time to making the meal, and suddenly I’m eating dinner at 8:45.  Oops.  

Luckily, the bean soup I made turned out alright – bland though, because seasoning is not in the budget. My palate is missing spicy food. And yes, dinner looks… well, brown. But I’m doing my best to trick myself into thinking different texture = different food, even when the daily ingredients are the same.

Pureed black bean soup with onion, carrot, cabbage and tomato, and of course, rice!

I spent the day in food programming today, and wow was it tough being around all that great smelling food and not being able to eat any of it!  But for someone living on a very limited food budget every month, that’s the reality all the time.  To be around so many great foods in Vancouver everyday, and see people enjoying them, and not being able to try any?  To not have variety in the diet to maintain appetite and health?  That’s not okay.


For more information on Raise the Rates and the Welfare Food Challenge please visit www.welfarefoodchallenge.org

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