Welfare Food Challenge Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Raise the Rates 2016 Welfare Food Challenge, and there have been some ups and downs already…

The down parts: Not sure if it’s because I’m still sick or the lack of calories (both?), but I was feeling pretty woozy in between breakfast and lunch today. Also could be due to the lack of my morning caffeine (I miss you already coffee!). I also had a really bad headache last night that required ibuprofen.

The ups:

I made some pretty great cabbage rolls for dinner! They were lacking in spicing and sauciness, because those things are definitely not affordable on $18 per week. But the flavours were good!

Cabbage rolled with rice, black beans, carrot, onion and tomato

I also bought more food supplies today, a half carton of eggs and a big can of diced tomatoes. I thought very carefully before buying those tomatoes, but I have some plans for it that should make it last for a few days… Stay tuned for those.

Tomatoes to round out some recipe planning, and eggs for breakfasts

So what IS my plan?

My meal planning is based mainly on getting the most nutrients as possible while trying to reduce hunger through the day.  I’m including 3 meals per day: mostly beans and rice with veggies for vitamins.  

– My veggie choices were based on cost (of course), versatility and nutrient content.  Because I only have to live off this low food allowance for one week I’m not worried about fat soluble vitamins – my body has stored those – so I wanted to ensure I had sources of Vitamin C and Bs in my veggies. I’m lucky here; for someone who is living on an $18 per week food budget for a long time, it would be impossible to avoid nutrient deficiencies because body stores would be depleted.

– Black beans are an excellent source of protein and iron, so no meat needed, going vegetarian this week!  

– Egg gives me some B12 and more protein, and variety for breakfast.

– Rice… well it’s very filling and low cost for a large amount.

– Calcium is going to be sadly low this week, I’ll hit maybe 30% of what I should.  But dairy products are just not attainable at this allowance.

Fooling yourself: It looks like way more food when you chop things into tiny pieces!


For more information on the challenge and how to support Raise the Rates, please visit https://welfarefoodchallenge.org.

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